Bill McCormick, Assoc. AIA


Bill McCormick is originally from New York, receiving his undergrad degree from Norwich University with a   bachelors   in   Architecture.   After   completing   his   undergrad   studies,   he worked   as   a   freelance architectural designer in his home town for a short time before making the big move out to San Diego to continue his architectural studies at the NewSchool of Architecture and Design. While at the NewSchool Bill  had  the  chance  to  design  wide  range  of  projects  such  as  multi  use  glider  port  in  La  Jolla,  a  multi-family midrise in Bankers hill, and an architecture museum in Porto Portugal. He also had the chance to travel  abroad  in  Spain,  France,  and  Portugal  study  both  historic  and  modern  styles  of  European Architecture.


He recently graduated from NewSchool of Architecture and Design with his Masters in Architecture. His Thesis  study  focused  on  creating  a  proposal  within  San  Diego’s  East  Village  that  melds  his  interest  in game design with architecture to create a hybridized public space. By gamify architecture of the project it  would  become  interactive  for  people  to  use.  Game  design  themes  that  were  researched  for  the project included motivation, engagement, experimentation, progressive challenges, and results. By using these  themes  showed  that  it  was  possible  to  make  architecture  more  engaging  while  also  having  a positive effect on people’s behaviors by improving health or benefiting the community.


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