Oatman Architects, Inc. is a design collaborative founded by Homer and Laura Oatman in 2009, specializing in the design of distinctive residential and hospitality projects around the world.  Offices are located in Newport Beach, California.


Homer and Laura Oatman met in architecture school in 1981, married in 1984, had five children together in the late 80’s, and founded Oatman Architects in 2009. They are both native Southern Californians with a mutual passion for architecture and travel, and  their designs reflect elements of classical and historical style from around the world, adapted to Southern California living.  Homer is a dedicated artist who takes great pride in every detail of his work, while Laura works to make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently behind the scenes.


Oatman Architects has grown and expanded since its founding in 2009, from two to eight people on staff now.  Though a small team, we have a wide breadth of capabilities, from our hand-drawn artisanal concept designs, to producing high-tech 3D walk-through computer models. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality design and service to our clients, and to make our client’s dreams become reality through a painless, professional, and truly enjoyable design process.


2016 OATMAN ARCHITECTS INC. | 412 31st Street, Newport Beach, CA  92663  | 949-675-1755

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